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Create a Cowboy Western Theme Room In 6 Easy Steps

To create an unbelievable looking cowboy western theme room all you need to do is follow six easy steps. Is there work involved? Of course there is but the work is both fun and rewarding and you'll be amazed how great your room looks when you're finished.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is come up with a wall color scheme that you like and has a western feel to it. There are various ways to do this and here is one great way that always works. Go to your local library or look online for cowboy western photos. Have a look at the bar rooms, the old hotels, the western scenery and so on. Why? Because you'll find some great looking wall color schemes. Some will be two-tone while others have a single wall color. This is a great way to start your brainstorming and come up with a fun and unique wall color for your cowboy western room.

Step 2

Next you'll want to come up with a floor style. Deciding on the type of flooring you want in your cowboy theme room really depends on exactly where that cowboy western room is located. For example if it were in your basement game room then a checkered floor with earth tone ceramic tiles would be what you want.

If it's in a different part of your home like a home office or bedroom then you'll want to look into hardwood or laminate flooring. The key to a great looking country western floor is the country western look and feel. With a dark hardwood floor you get that look and feel for a price. If you want something cheaper then laminate can and does replicate hardwood very well and is much cheaper.

If you already have flooring down and don't want to change a thing then you can always look into western style rugs to place around the room. That way you'll have a great western look and feel and not have to tear up and lay down a new floor.

Step 3

The third step is fairly easy and very fun to complete. Now that you have painted your room using a country western flair and are finished with the flooring you can start to cover your bare walls.

Step 3 is all about finding the perfect western posters, prints and artwork to hang in your cowboy western room. Whether you're going for a cowboy theme, a bar room look and feel or just a general western style adding posters and pictures is fun.

One of the best places to find these types of prints are at local second hand stores believe it or not. Sometimes you can find original pictures or posters and that is always fun and they will look great in your western theme room. If you're not into second hand stuff then besides going all out at the local country western theme store have a look online first. Check out some internet auction sites as you'll find a large assortment of western wall hangings to add to your room.

Step 4

Now it's time to add western lighting to your room. This is a major part of creating a great western theme room that's both fun and functional.

There are various ways to bring western lighting into your room. The first way is to add a couple vintage western lanterns to your tabletops or bar. These add to the overall western look and feel. Next find a wall sconce or two with cowboys or bulls. For low lit situations these are truly beautiful and a must for your country western room.

To actually bring light into your room you'll need something bigger like a chandelier or pub lamp / swag lamp. Whether you go with an antler chandelier or one that's rustic looking it'll do the trick. Swag and pub lamps are good for game rooms. And country western themed table lamps are great for just about any room in your home.

Now you almost have a complete country western room with only two steps to go.

Step 5

So you have the lighting done but what good is it if you don't have anywhere to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. So Step 5 is all about adding country western furniture.

Here's where personal comfort comes in. There is some great looking western furniture made from wagon wheels. Personally I love that look but comfort wise it's probably not the best choice. Basically any type of furniture that has a brown tint to it would work in your western theme room.

But if you want something more western then go with hand carved or log furniture. You'll give your western room an outdoors feeling and that is always fun and unique.

Step 6

Step 6 is all about finishing off your Great Looking Cowboy / Country Western Room. How do you do that? You do that by adding the best, the coolest and the most unique western accessories and decorations you can find. This is where you imagination comes in handy.

Look for things that will enhance the overall western experience for friends and family. For example look for little things like a cast iron bottle opener or boot spurs. Add in a neat "Weather Rock Forecaster" for fun. Add an antler clock and if you're making a western game room add some vintage looking "wanted posters" and whisky bottles as decorations. Basically use your imagination and your western theme room will be the best in the state.

Now depending on how much time you have, creating your country western theme room could take anywhere from a week to a year. But don't rush it, take your time and enjoy the process. It may end up being a lifelong process of continually adding and subtracting neat western items. But that is the joy and fun when creating a theme room. Now you know the six simple steps to get you started so why wait? Start Today!Visit our to learn more about creating a fun country western theme.

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